The Greater Manchester Combined Authority (GMCA) is a unique model of governance for a city region, provided for by the Local Democracy, Economic Development and Construction Act 2009.   Whilst it builds on the AGMA model of voluntary collaboration between local authorities through a Joint Committee, the GMCA is a statutory body with its functions set out in legislation.  These functions, which cover the Greater Manchester area, include all the transport functions previously overseen by GMITA, plus some economic development and regeneration functions.  A new set of transport functions, notably those adopting responsibility for traffic light signals and reports on road traffic levels have also been delegated by the constituent councils to the GMCA.  


GMCA structure


The Authority’s constitution is set out in an Operating Agreement, which has been approved by all 10 constituent councils.  This Agreement also sets out the terms of reference and rules of procedure for the Transport for Greater Manchester Committee (TfGMC), the Joint Committee that oversees many of the transport functions of the GMCA either under delegated authority or through recommendation.  This Agreement also establishes and outlines the operation of Scrutiny arrangements. 


As a body, the GMCA comprises the Leaders of the 10 constituent councils in Greater Manchester (or their substitutes).  It meets on the last Friday of every month, following the convention established by the AGMA Executive Board which continues to meet immediately after the GMCA meeting. 


The GMCA constitution sets out the powers and functions of the GMCA, those powers and functions referred or delegated to TfGMC, Financial Procedures, Codes of Conduct for members and officers, and schemes of delegation to Chief Officers. These latter delegations provide for the day to day management, supervision and control of services provided for the GMCA, including the responsibilities of the Head of Paid Service, Treasurer, Monitoring Officer and Secretary.

A selection of background documents on the GMCA are available below.

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