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Skills, employment and apprenticeships

We are working to reduce unemployment, improve the skills of GM’s people and create more good-quality jobs and training opportunities that everyone in our city-region is able to access.

We are bringing the different parts of GM’s public services closer together to create a skills and employment system that meets the needs of our people and employers and makes the whole region stronger and more productive. 

We are delivering this by:

Working more closely with employers

We are working with employers to understand more about the skills they need for their business and the skills development we should put into place to support them.  We are also working to increase the role that employers can play in developing their own workforce – through apprenticeships and on-the-job training.

Bringing public services together

We are working to bring organisations like housing associations, debt advice, health services, councils and our JobCentres together at a local level to help people overcome the problems preventing them from finding a job. By taking a wider, more rounded approach we can address the wider barriers that keep people out of work – including things like ill health.

Supporting young people

We're working with schools to encourage all of our young people to have high aspirations and give them the education and support they need to achieve these. Together we are working to make sure all pupils reach a good level in maths, English and ICT and that they are given the advice and assistance they need to find a route into work that is right for them, including through apprenticeships.

Improving the quality and availability of training

We’re working with local colleges and universities to help more people get good-quality vocational and technical qualifications that will allow them to find and do the jobs that our employers most need.   They will give many adults a second chance to find work and build a career. 

We’re also working with Training Providers to help employers get their staff the training they need to build  businesses locally as well as local people who want to increase their skills or retrain in order to find work.

Lead member

Councillor Sean Anstee


Gemma Marsh, New Economy


Tel: 0161 237 4060